Name                               Gendai Keikaku Architect inc

                              #22562 The First Class Registered Architects' Office in Tokyo

Hed office                            2-12-2 Shimotakaido,Suginami-Ku ,Tokyo,Japan

Establishment pre-office                  2-211-203 Ikemi,Tenpaku-Ku,Nagoya-ShiAichi,Japan

Associated comapny & Overseas branch       Kyoei Trading & Gendai Architects partners inc.
9817 Kamagon St,San Antonio Village, Makati City,Philippines

                                Augast / 1947

Company history                      
      1947    The Meiken corporation is established as an integrated construction industry.
                                     1973    Trade name change to Yukio Sugimura design room inc.
                                     1997    Trade name change to gendai-keikaku inc.
                                     2003    Liaison office establishment in the Philippines (Makati city)
                                     2004    Related companies are newly established in the Philippines (Makati city).

                               -The corporate philosophy aiming at ENNYU(円融) architecture-

                                     There is a term called ENNYU in the Buddhism.
                                     This term expresses the creation of the dynamic and peaceful world by
                                     assimilating individual to individual as well as individual to whole.
                                     Architecture certainly involves this assimilation with buildings to form a town,
                                     and lives of people grow together in this town.
                                     We aim at ENNYU architecture based on this viewpoint of city planning.

Business                              Design of architectural design, management, and garden etc.

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